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Infrared saunas in short, sooth away aches and pains, increases your metabolism, improves blood circulation, loosens your muscles and helps give you clear and healthy skin. The warmth of the sauna can also decrease mental fatigue, fade away tension and leave your body and soul refreshed.
  1. Detoxification- While increasing your metabolism, this causes extra toxins to be purged from the body through the skin. Similar to a new born baby.
  2. Weight Loss - Infrared aids in weight loss by increasing your metabolism, which aid in burning calories (up towards 600-700 calories in 30mins).
  3. Stress Reduction & Relaxation - Because the infrared waves penetrate 1½ - 2 inches, the muscle become more loose, which increases relaxation.
  4. Increased Circulation & Energy - Infrared penetrates and invigorates cells, which increases blood circulation.
  5. Skin Benefits - With the increase in blood circulation, more nutrients are carried to the skin which will create a better tone, texture, and healthy glow.
  6. Cardiovascular Workout - Increases heart rate and blood circulation, which is crucial to maintaining your health. Your heart rate increases and more blood flow is diverted from inner organs towards your skin (without increasing your blood pressure).
  7. Immune System Boost - Infrared waves strengthens the immune system by stimulating the white blood cells. When you have a fever and your temperature increases, your immune system increase which weakens the bacteria growth and increase your white blood cell count. A fever is a natural response to healing (once the fever breaks you feel better and get well). If you feel a cold/flu coming on, the infrared sauna can help stop or shorten the effects.
  8. Speedy Recovery from Injuries - Heat stimulates bringing oxygen to the joints and extremities, speeding the healing of sprains; which can reduce pain and possibly the time it takes to recover from an injury. Can also relieve pain from minor car accidents, sports strains, etc.
HOW LONG? 15-30 Minutes, something finding it helpful to stay in for (15) minutes; step out and cool off, then return to the sauna for the remaining session.
ENTERING - Wear cotton, porous clothes - bathing suit, shorts & top, robe or towel. NO shoes. Remove all jewelry - rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, etc.
After - DRINK LOTS OF WATER! And avoid alcohol and sparkling carbonated beverages.